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We now do Mechanical services on all domestic vehicles



Cars, and Trucks



Alternators, Brakes



Exhaust, Wheel Bearings

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Our Inhouse Services



Here at Resto Fab Inc. We welcome all makes and models. So if you have a vintage vehicle or a newer vehicle we have you covered.


Body and Paint

Wether it is a full restoration or a fender that needs repair, we can help. 



Our interior services range from the small repair to full interior replacements.

Contact us and lets bring your vehicles interior back to life.


Below you will find a few of our current builds.

Yours could be next!

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The truth about Restoration



We started Resto Fab Inc. after being disappointed time and again by multiple shops concerning cost, completion dates, and the quality of the work performed. We simply wanted to know the truth. We continually hear of other owners being charged large amounts of money and their vehicles never being completed. Not here !


This is a restoration and will not be done quickly. Between ordering parts and overcoming obstacles associated with vintage vehicles it will take time and patience. What you can expect is a vehicle that is done right and, one you can be proud to own.

We build drivers

That's right, we build driver quality cars, Not Show Cars. The vehicle will not be perfect. The vehicle will be done with quality materials and by workmen with the skill to produce a product you will be proud to own. 


Although not required, we do prefer that each client participate in the process. We believe that a build runs much smoother and solid relationships are built through regular interaction. We understand some clients for what ever reason are not able to do so. For those clients, our staff will guide them through the creative decisions during the build but will use their discretion when needed to move the build forward. 

How much will it cost ?

The answer is simple. We don't know. Some costs are known because it is a straight forward process. Most restoration work is not straight forward. Vintage vehicles are all different and they all have their own problems. We only see what is on the surface and every vehicle will have it's own unique challenges. 

How do we get started?

After viewing the vehicle and working with the client on build specifications the vehicle will be transported to our facility accompanied by an initial deposit. We operate at $65.00 per hour and all work is paid for out of this deposit. Our staff will work on the vehicle until those funds are exhausted. When the client is satisfied with the progress they simply replenish the account and work continues. This allows you to build your vehicle within your monthly budget. The more you spend the faster the build goes. You can stop work at any time and simply pick up your vehicle.


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